Event Hook

Event Hooks are a great way to get signals from Okta to your own environment and can thereby be an alternative for SCIM 2.0 provisioning, especially because you can hook on all kinds of Events.

More and great information can be found at the Okta site.

This example shows a quick way to get a message when an Okta accounts is added to an Okta group.

Therefore you give the URL of your web service, and you may define an authentication field and secret.

By the Subscrive to events you can select one or more events.

Web Service

As a web service this example uses a C#.Net service. But you can use any kind, as long as your web service is accessible from the internet.

The first part is a necessary Okta verification, to get your Event Hook VERIFIED.

In the second part the event is written to a (not thread save!!) textfile.

The result

When an account is added to a group, the message is send.

The result is a JSON-message similar to the events in the system log.

This information can be used to start updates, loggings, text-messages or any thing you want.